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Rukawa GF
Story: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Title: Under the Umbrella
Pairing: 2759 Tsuna x Gokudera
Rating: G
Warning: None. Perhaps Fluff and Angst warning? (yes at the same time)
Credits: raenef_mignon for helping me with grammar check.
Summary: It was raining and Tsuna didn't bring his umbrella. Gokudera and Tsuna share an umbrella as they walk home
Dedicated to: pokkoru because I love her and she loves 5927 pairings :P Also for treat who wanted a fic dedicated to gokutsuna

Author's Note: This is technically Chapter 2 of my Rain Fic series. Chapter 1 was 1827 Under the Rain. But you don't need to read it to enjoy the fic. Thank you for reading.

("Ah, it’s raining! Again!" Tsuna sighed in dismay. It was the second time the weather forecast was wrong and he had not brought his umbrella, expecting a sunny day.)
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22 November 2007 @ 11:51 pm

Hello thereˇ I'm new here.^ ^
(Since my English is really poor, it is hard for me to express things in English >"< But I won;t stop trying.)
Glad to see that there are so many 5927 fans! After all, there are much more other/27 fandom. @@