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12 November 2007 @ 07:05 pm
Hi people, it's been a while.  Yeah, the fandom sure grew!  Congrats on 120+! 

I skimmed over the past posts (still don't got time to sit down and read over em^^; ) and noticed one asking for gokutsuna vids.  I happen to have collected a bunch from niconico.  The format is in .flv though.  You'll need realplayer or here's a smaller player to watch them with.  And I wouldn't want people to put them on youtube since they're not ours. 

Here they are.  Starting with my favorites:


Also a friendly reminder:  I finally got around to translating my last doujinshi.  You know, the one way back for the 50+ celebration?  Chapter 2 is translated:  Gokudera you pedo
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