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party party party!
09 September 2007 @ 11:19 am
Hey kids! Mod treat here! negi_ramen asked for fanart sites so I bring to you a couple sites I adore~

PLUS -- We have 58 members beating yamagoku by two members which officially makes gokutsuna the most popular Reborn! pairing community. 8D /dork

One of the PRETTIEST 5927 sites in existence. The art style reminds me of Korean doujinshi. XD You might have come across it on occasion!

AHHH SO MOE. Only a couple fanarts here but enough to make your teeth rot. *3*~

Since it's easy to get lost in this site, I pointed ya'll to the RIGHT DIRECTION to the Reborn! section. This is the site with the super cute chibi Tsuna meeting chibi Gokudera comic. ^3^ A++

Not my favorite art style, but cute nonetheless!

There's a comic in here that makes me go WAAAAH.

Very cute stuff here.

[ KSB ]
If I'm not mistaken this is an Everyone/Tsuna site. Beware of the super uke Tsuna!
The artist used to draw a lot of Shino/Naruto and Itachi/Naruto art in the past, I remember. XD

Okay, so there are only like two GokuTsuna illustrations here, but who cares. XD

Everyone/Tsuna. And I mean it. DX I'm kind of breaking the rules here because there is not a single GokuTsuna picture on this site (maybe Gokudera getting jealous over Tsuna's over 9000 boyfriends but that's it).

You know what to do from there. Check the links/bookmark section of each site and see if they link to other GokuTsuna sites. I actually had more but my desktop crashed so~ :[

Feel free to submit more sites!
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