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24 February 2013 @ 06:51 pm
I'm not too sure about this, but let's try.  
So I'm kind of a regular at the kink memes for a while now and I noticed that a lot of this pairing's prompts go on unfilled (and they're such awesome prompts to let go of really) so I thought of collecting every unfilled request from all the kink memes and putting them here. And then someone will pick them up and fill whatever they wanted.

What? I think this is a wise idea.

Gokudera/Tsuna: spanking, first-time sex
Gokudera/Tsuna: loud Tsuna, sex in base and everyone is sick of it
Tsuna/Gokudera: both TYL, tie-grabbing, Tsuna tops
Tsuna/Gokudera: drunk!27, 59 unwilling-but-not, 27 ties 59's wrists
Gokudera/Tsuna: sex in the rain
Gokudera/Tsuna: sixty-nine
Gokudera/Tsuna: Tsuna as a seductive bottom
Gokudera/Tsuna: set up by Yamamoto
Gokudera/Tsuna: Gokudera walks in on Tsuna using a vibrator and can't resist him
Gokudera/Tsuna: pairing can be reversed, rimming
Gokudera/Tsuna: established relationship, dirty talk, come without touching/penetrating
Gokudera/Tsuna: established relationship, whipped cream, foodplay
Gokudera/Tsuna: Italian dirty talk
Gokudera/Tsuna: AU, Gokudera is a werewolf, Tsuna is a farmer
Gokudera/Tsuna: established relationship, semen play
Gokudera/HDW!Tsuna: 59 tops, 27 guides and instructs him how to fuck
Tsuna/Gokudera: fake kidnapping, fluff after - filled.
Gokudera/Tsuna or Tsuna/Gokudera: Accidental stimulation or Adrenaline kink.
Gokudera/Tsuna: Kokuyo arc, Birds forces them to have sex to save the girls
Gokudera/Tsuna: sneezing fit leads to sex
Gokudera/Tsuna: slow and sweet turned rough.
Tsuna/Gokudera: sexual themed control abuse.
Tsuna/fem!Gokudera: office kink, roleplay
Tsuna/fem!Gokudera: TYL, longing.

The rules:
No fighting or wank.
Fill in anyway you can, anon or not.
Fills will be posted here. If it was too long, link it here.
State the prompt you chose in your claim and fill.
Multiple fills are very much alright.
No requests until this list gets filled.

I'll link the fills to the prompts above for easier access.

I hope to see a bit of reaction here and I'll try my hardest to fill at least one of them.

ladygizarme: 5927 *caught by camera*ladygizarme on February 25th, 2013 05:32 pm (UTC)
I love this idea. Wish I had time to fill some!
waketozee: pic#120044221waketozee on February 25th, 2013 05:48 pm (UTC)
Thank you ^^

You can claim one and just fill it whenever you have the time, I didn't set an exact time-limit for filling. You can take a year and it's still going to be okay.