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24 February 2013 @ 06:51 pm
I'm not too sure about this, but let's try.  
So I'm kind of a regular at the kink memes for a while now and I noticed that a lot of this pairing's prompts go on unfilled (and they're such awesome prompts to let go of really) so I thought of collecting every unfilled request from all the kink memes and putting them here. And then someone will pick them up and fill whatever they wanted.

What? I think this is a wise idea.

Gokudera/Tsuna: spanking, first-time sex
Gokudera/Tsuna: loud Tsuna, sex in base and everyone is sick of it
Tsuna/Gokudera: both TYL, tie-grabbing, Tsuna tops
Tsuna/Gokudera: drunk!27, 59 unwilling-but-not, 27 ties 59's wrists
Gokudera/Tsuna: sex in the rain
Gokudera/Tsuna: sixty-nine
Gokudera/Tsuna: Tsuna as a seductive bottom
Gokudera/Tsuna: set up by Yamamoto
Gokudera/Tsuna: Gokudera walks in on Tsuna using a vibrator and can't resist him
Gokudera/Tsuna: pairing can be reversed, rimming
Gokudera/Tsuna: established relationship, dirty talk, come without touching/penetrating
Gokudera/Tsuna: established relationship, whipped cream, foodplay
Gokudera/Tsuna: Italian dirty talk
Gokudera/Tsuna: AU, Gokudera is a werewolf, Tsuna is a farmer
Gokudera/Tsuna: established relationship, semen play
Gokudera/HDW!Tsuna: 59 tops, 27 guides and instructs him how to fuck
Tsuna/Gokudera: fake kidnapping, fluff after - filled.
Gokudera/Tsuna or Tsuna/Gokudera: Accidental stimulation or Adrenaline kink.
Gokudera/Tsuna: Kokuyo arc, Birds forces them to have sex to save the girls
Gokudera/Tsuna: sneezing fit leads to sex
Gokudera/Tsuna: slow and sweet turned rough.
Tsuna/Gokudera: sexual themed control abuse.
Tsuna/fem!Gokudera: office kink, roleplay
Tsuna/fem!Gokudera: TYL, longing.

The rules:
No fighting or wank.
Fill in anyway you can, anon or not.
Fills will be posted here. If it was too long, link it here.
State the prompt you chose in your claim and fill.
Multiple fills are very much alright.
No requests until this list gets filled.

I'll link the fills to the prompts above for easier access.

I hope to see a bit of reaction here and I'll try my hardest to fill at least one of them.

ladygizarme: 5927 *caught by camera*ladygizarme on February 25th, 2013 05:32 pm (UTC)
I love this idea. Wish I had time to fill some!
waketozee: pic#120044221waketozee on February 25th, 2013 05:48 pm (UTC)
Thank you ^^

You can claim one and just fill it whenever you have the time, I didn't set an exact time-limit for filling. You can take a year and it's still going to be okay.
(Anonymous) on February 26th, 2013 12:53 pm (UTC)
Tsuna/Gokudera: fake kidnapping, fluff after.

Taking this, hope that it'll be decent.
(Anonymous) on May 17th, 2013 06:09 pm (UTC)
So I'm back, this is too short to even deserve such delay tbh.
It's 3YL so they're a more mature.

To Die, Smiling
Gokudera wasn't the one to question Reborn-san, he was the greatest hitman for a reason after all.

But getting him gagged and thrown into an abandoned warehouse is something he is seriously questioning.

"But why?"

Reborn-san looked at him, beady eyes totally unimpressed. "To test the bonds between a right-hand-man and his boss of course. We've done this way back remember?"

"Yeah, but-" Gokudera couldn't protest any further, for the world turned dark on him.


I think I understand the Tenth's fear of Reborn-san's plans a bit better now, was the first thing Gokudera thought upon opening his eyes.

He saw that he was in an empty warehouse, gagged, hands tied and... shirtless?

What the actual fuc-

The warehouse's gates were blasted away, burning and sending smoke that spread all around.

Coughing from the effects of the explosion, Gokudera looked on to see who had done that. And his eyes widened when he saw that it was the Tenth, looking uncharacteristically grim. Though, when he caught sight of him, the cold look quickly melted from his eyes and he hastily sped towards him.

Gokudera only wanted to ask why he blasted through a warehouse in such rage and urgency, but his question was forgotten when the Tenth wrapped his arms around him in a tight embrace, frantically muttering, "Thank God that you're okay, thank God..."

That made him frown in worry, a while after getting over the shock of the Tenth hugging him.

He's acting strange. What happened?

The Tenth slowly loosened his embrace, choosing to look at him instead with a relieved smile as the dying will flames flickered out, getting the gag off.

Gokudera flushed even more than he already was. He's looking at me, he's so close...

He got a hold of himself, though, and he noted, "Reborn-san made this test, Tenth, and I think you succeeded."

"Oh..." Tsuna said in response, backing off with an absent-minded look. "That's good."

Okay, something is definitely up. The Tenth's usual reaction to any of Reborn-san's schemes is to panic and wallow in dismay, not to sigh in relief and say that it's good. "What's the matter?" he asked, in a tone that indicated that he won't give up until he finds out the answer.

The Tenth turned towards him, looking torn between speaking or keeping his thoughts to himself before he sighed. "You'll probably think that I'm silly..."

You know I won't. Ever. And maybe the Tenth read his thoughts because he smiled a small, fond smile and started, "I had a dream the last night." His features turned sour as he continued, "Some family got a hold of you and I was too late..."

"I saw you in a warehouse just like this, and you were gone." The look on the Tenth's face was clearly made out of guilt, even if it was just from a mere dream.

So that's why he was acting that way earlier, Gokudera reflected and he couldn't help himself from letting out a chuckle.

Tsuna, not expecting this kind of reaction, looked up and asked curiously, "What's so funny."

"I'm sorry," Gokudera tried his hardest to look apologetic but he failed in the face of his rapidly growing chuckles, "but I won't die at some warehouse in such way, Tenth. You don't have to worry about it."

"If I'm going to die, then I'm going to die smiling, at your side and never alone."

The Tenth smiled so happily that it made his heart race again.

"Yeah, you won't."

And then he kissed him, gently, then firmly and finally hungrily, just to make sure.


"When I said the bonds between a boss and his right-hand-man, I certainly didn't mean this."

Tsuna and Gokudera quickly pulled away from each other, embarrassed and frustrated beyond belief.

Reborn smirked.

"I have a set of tests for these kind of situations, it's going to be very fun."

Gokudera really understood Tenth's fear of Reborn-san's plans.
twirl on the tips of your toes: ed -glaretiptoetwirl on May 10th, 2013 07:55 pm (UTC)
I think this is a great idea too,

I've just gotten into the fandom and would love to read/write Gokudera/Tsuna fics. Thank you for thinking of this and taking the time to post these prompts here :)
waketozee: pic#120044221waketozee on May 17th, 2013 06:13 pm (UTC)
Then welcome to this fandom, hun ^^ It's a joy seeing other people shipping this lovely pair :D
I'd be delighted to read your works, the world could use more fic of them after all!
(I'm sorry, I get excited way too easily)
yhime27: 2759classroomyhime27 on June 26th, 2013 06:22 am (UTC)
It's an awesome idea. I've always wanted to see 2759 prompts but somehow could never find them. Thanks for collecting these!

I really wish they'd be filled sooner or later ;) this pairing needs more ♥