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20 February 2013 @ 03:42 pm
Dieci Tempeste 2/3.  
I know, I'm spamming.

Title: Dieci Tempeste.

Rating: T.
Pairings: 5927/2759.
Warnings: Fail and my usual weirdness.
Timelines: Mixed.
Ten times they caused storms to erupt in each other, storms that made path for a clear sky.


Sixth storm.

After eight years of knowing one Gokudera Hayato, Tsuna discovered that he was a major football fan. He said it so casually that day, how watching football was one of the few things that comforted him in his childhood.

And wanting to redeem himself from being a rather shitty friend, Tsuna tried his all to get him tickets to Inter Milan's final Champions League match.

After some struggle and a bit of blood, he managed to get two.

"It's on Saturday, so you have a lot time to prepare yourself," he said as he gave Gokudera the tickets. "And no, you can't refuse." His eyes slightly narrowed in warning when the other tried to reason with him, and seeing that Tsuna wouldn't budge, Gokudera sighed in defeat and took them. The Vongola boss inwardly cheered for this victory, finally getting his friend to abandon his work was something to be proud of.

"Then, Tenth... could you go with me?"

Tsuna blinked. "What? But I know nothing abou-"

"I'm not going then," Gokudera stated as a look of determination settled in his eyes.

This time, it was Tsuna that sighed with defeat and accepted the invitation.

He just wished he wouldn't embarrass himself for his ignorance.

Tsuna learned that Gokudera was a hardcore Inter Milan fan the day of the match.

A real hardcore fan.

"What is this?! That's clearly a foul! Did you see that, Tenth! He totally went in for the kill!"

"I don't know about that, Gokudera. He looked as if he tripped or something." Tsuna replied hesitantly, he really couldn't tell what happened there.

"That's what they want you to think!" Gokudera defended passionately. "It's a con- SON OF A DYING DONKEY, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU GIVE THAT RED CARD FOR?!"

"Calm down, Go-"


"You're stressing ag-"


"I think that player is dyin-"


"Wait, what?!"

In the end, Inter Milan had won and Gokudera went back to normal again, although he was...

"They scored some beautiful goals! Did you see that twist at the end? And The goalkeeper's performance was out of this world!"

Fanboying a bit.

But Tsuna smiled fondly at him and listened to his ramblings, he found it rather adorable really.

He found Gokudera adorable if he was honest with himself.

And the next thing he knows, he was enthusiastically kissing the now shocked Inter fan, who awoke from his surprised state and equally, if not more, returned the kiss.

"Congratulations," Tsuna whispered, flushed and breathless and face still close to the other's. "That was a good game."

From that day, Gokudera started to buy tickets for his favorite teams' matches, inviting Tsuna to go along with him.


Tsuna spilled the juice he was drinking in surprise, all while Gokudera continued his shouting, not noticing anything at all.

Well, I actually do want an excuse to make ou- I mean congratulate him.


"YOU HEARD WHAT HE SAID!" Tsuna exclaimed, standing along with Gokudera and cheering happily when Chelsea scored a goal.

Seventh storm.

If there was one question Gokudera would like (needed) the answer to, he would like to know the answer for this:

How do you do a sucessful haircut to a person who you have very, very, very deep feelings for when...

1. Said person is currently shirtless.

2. Said person is very attractive (stop staring dammit!)

3. Said person is your current lover.

4. You can't help yourself from thinking about the night before, a night you and the person (your love- stop flailing!) spent doing some very pleasurable activities.

Just how?

The answer: You don't.

"Are you okay, Gokudera? You've been standing there for a while now," the Tenth asked with concern.

"N-No I'm fine! I'm just deciding on the place that I'll start with," Gokudera exclaimed, grabbing Tsuna's head and turning it to face the mirror in front of him just so he wouldn't see the incriminating blush on his face.

I'm actually staring at your back, because damn, Tenth. You sure did become se-

"Maybe you should start from down," Tsuna suggested helpfully, oblivious to the internal thoughts of the other.

But then I'll have indecent thoughts about your neck! "U-Uh, yeah...! Why didn't I think of that before?"

Closing his eyes, Gokudera pleaded inwardly for this to end as he started to work on the haircut, he wasn't so sure about his ability to stay focused.

An hour before, Tsuna woke up and frowned with slight annoyance when he saw his reflection on the bathroom's mirror.

My hair is getting a bit long, he mused as he blew his bangs away from his eyes.

It was then that Gokudera graciously offered to cut his hair for him, saying that he would be done with in no time.

Which later led to this, Gokudera cursed lowly, he was grateful that Tsuna chose to wear headphones and listened to some random song two minutes after he had started to snip around blindingly, he didn't have to explain why he was cursing like that to him now.

Finally, after ten minutes of hair cutting, Gokudera opened his eyes.

And then he let out a rather loud shriek

Tsuna jumped in surprise when he heard it despite of the loud music. "What's wrong, Gokudera?!"

"I don't deserve to live anymore, you may kill me now, Tenth. I'm ready," Gokudera answered solemnly, already preparing himself for death.

Tsuna was about to tell him to stop this nonsense when he saw his image in the mirror.


So he had a Mohawk now...

"It's okay, Gokudera. It's only hair, it'll grow back." Though I should consider wearing a hat, maybe Reborn would finally let me wear his fedora.

"It's your hair," Gokudera replied, still sulking and depressed in a corner.

"You would've forgiven me if I made the same mistake, I don't see why this shouldn't apply now." He got confused when Gokudera slowly turned towards him, heavily blushing and averting his eyes every now and then.

"If my mind wasn't in the gutter, this wouldn't had happened..."

"What do mean?" What gutter?

Gokudera then proceeded to tell him about his train of thoughts this morning, and Tsuna found his eyes widening in surprise and his heartbeat turn rapid in response.

"Do find my look now unattractive?" Tsuna asked after a moment of silence, finding himself blushing upon hearing what Gokudera just said.

"You would always look incredibly fucking hot to me, Tenth," Gokudera answered immediately, expression utterly serious.

"Okay, now I definitely need another cold shower," Tsuna mused out loud, shifting a bit.

"You have no idea how much I thought of last night," he said, stepping closer to him enough to for their toes to touch. "What do you think I stayed in the bathroom that long for?"

"So please, believe me. You're not the only one."

Gokudera wanted nothing more than to pin him to the wall and make last night happen all over again.

But then, the ten years younger Tenth appeared in front of him, looking at him with a well placed shock.

Dammit, stupid cow!

Meanwhile, ten years younger Gokudera had an epiphany upon seeing the ten years older Tenth.

I think I have an honest to God Mohawk fetish.

The Tenth merely smiled sheepishly, looking at him with guilt.

Though Gokudera noticed absolutely nothing of that, because the Tenth was hovered above him, older, hotter, with a very attractive Mohawk and shirtless.


rune_world: 5927rune_world on February 23rd, 2013 01:45 pm (UTC)
Read and commented! Awesome fic girl! XD