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19 February 2013 @ 11:13 pm
Twenty Five Fireworks And So 1/25  
I know that I might be spamming, but I still do it anyway for some reason.
It's like I'm begging you to hate me.

So this one is kinda special, because it's a 27fem!59 fic. You have no idea how much I looked around to find a fic for them in that way (don't ask why I was looking for it in the first place, it's very complicated and weird) so I decided to busy myself with writing one  until a glorious person steps up from the shadows and write it. So far, this glorious person didn't show up yet.

I'm waiting though.

Various oneshots, all in AU settings.

Fic title: Twenty Five Fireworks And So.

Chapter title: My Wife In Vegas.

Summary: The moment he felt the awful pounding in his head, Tsuna knew that there was something wrong.

Timeline: AU TYL.

Notes: I checked out Japanese girl names that were like Hayato but I found none, so I chose Hayase because it has a meaning that fits and it's kind of nice.


The moment he felt the awful pounding in his head, Tsuna knew that there was something wrong.

He was hungover-ed.

Now, he wouldn't hesitate to say that he wasn't much of drinker, probably because he doesn't go to bars that much. In his opinion, bars were made to meet up with your buddies, and Tsuna didn't want to be reminded of the fact that he was a friendless loser, thank you very much.

So, he wasn't a drinker by nature.

Which is far better than what he had in mind when thought about it; the last time he ever felt that way was when Reborn somehow shipped him to Siberia wearing only his boxers.

Ah, the memories~!

There's also the fact that he had absolutely no clue about where he was. He was sure that he was sleeping on a bed, and looking around, he concluded that he was in a fancy hotel room.

So yeah, much better than half naked in Siberia.

And speaking of nakedness…

Where are his clothes?

Another thing about him that he never sleeps naked, it's kind of uncomfortable for him since he was raised in a house where there was no privacy and him sleeping in that way could've scarred I-Pin for life.

Wait a minute…

Tsuna smiled with triumph when he remembered Reborn saying something about flying him to Vegas for his twenty fourth birthday because his life was boring as hell and some excitement was really needed in it.

His life wasn't that dull, really.

He was about to yawn when he noticed something on his hand.

Is that… a ring?

Tsuna's eyes went wide as plates.

No… it couldn't be…

Let's do a head-count, shall we?

He was hungover-ed.

He was sleeping in a fancy hotel room.

He was totally naked.

He was in Vegas.

He had a ring on his finger, a wedding ring to be exact.

And there was a hand on his stomach that really wasn't his.

Wait, what?

Tsuna tensed and stopped breathing for a minute.

There really was a hand on his stomach, a soft, small one but a hand nonetheless.

The hand just went lower and lower…

"You finally woke up," the owner of the hand noted, softly whispering into his ear and then kissing his neck faintly.

"Yes?" This is just a dream Tsuna, there's no way that a woman who had a voice that attractive is talking to you…

"Do you want some coffee? I took the liberty and ordered it for you," she said, kisses turning hotter and hands going even lower.

Oh dear God. "Y-Yes," Tsuna replied, trying so hard to hold back his gasps.

Maybe it's just him, but he felt the lips on his neck smirking. "Want to go for another round before the room service arrives? I kind of want a payback for not going rough last night."


"You insisted on it being slow and romantic, you're really stubborn, you know?"


"You were absolutely amazing though."


Tsuna really couldn't take it anymore so he, utterly red faced and panting, turned around to see this person who he really thought was pranking him. Because seriously, this joke had gone too far.

His heart stopped when he was met by a pair of the most beautiful eyes he ever saw looking at him with so much love.

He wasn't sure if it was his heart or last night's sushi, but he felt himself falling and hard.

"Good morning, love," Beautiful Eyes greeted, smiling oh so gently at him.

"G-Good morning…" he managed to reply. And before he could stop himself, he found himself asking, "Are you my wife? Because if you really were my wife I'm going to doubt your taste." Tsuna, what the hell are you doing?! Stop talking! "I mean why would you?" Stop talking dammit! "Did a baby promise you anything by doing this?" I swear to God Tsuna if you didn't…! "Because everything would make sense if that happened…" I'll kill you in your sleep! I don't care if I was you, we're going down together!

Beautiful Eyes looked utterly confused. "What are you talking about?"

"You don't know Reborn?"

"No, should I?"

"No, you really shouldn't, believe me…" Tsuna cringed at the thought of his demonic tutor (his mother hired Reborn to teach him English ten years ago, how he managed to still freeload in his house was still beyond him). "How did we meet then?" he asked, blushing like no tomorrow when he realized that Beautiful Eyes was in the same state of undress as he was.

Beautiful Eyes beamed. "You were eating dinner in a restaurant I was at yesterday. I think someone spiked your drink or something because you got really drunk and started giving out inspiring speeches to everybody there." Reborn, Tsuna thought with an obvious grimace. "And then when you got to my table, you just looked at me with eyes filled with certainty and told me words that I'll never forget…"

"You're worth it."

"You deserve to be happy."

"Don't beat yourself up for things that weren't your fault."

Tsuna remembered one time Reborn told him that he gains some sort of an intuition whenever he gets drunk. He told him that he could feel whatever a person is feeling just by merely looking.

And although he couldn't remember jack shit about yesterday, looking at Beautiful Eyes now, he believed in what he said.

She laughed quietly to herself before she continued, "I asked you to marry me then, and you just grinned and said 'Sure!' It's then that I realized that Bianchi and I are truly related."

"I was totally drunk myself and I think I did something illegal in the chapel, but hey, I was a woman in love." She looked at him with eyes that carried years worth of sadness. "It's over now, right?"

And then, Tsuna kissed her.

"What's your name?" he asked, blushing as he backed off. "I can't call my wife Beautiful Eyes in my mind forever now, can I?"

Three things happened then:

First, Beautiful Eyes eyes widened.

Second, she returned the kiss.

Man, did she return it…

He never knew that a tongue could make him feel... wow!

Third, she told him her name.

"My name is Gokudera Hayase, I'm a novelist." And offered him a handshake.

Tsuna would later think that it was absurd to handshake with your wife upon learning her name after you got married, but he was living the moment now. "I'm Sawada Tsunayoshi, I work as a salesman, a failed one honestly."

Hayase smirked at that. "Oh I'm very familiar with your name, after all I was screaming it last night."


Tsuna turned fifty shades of red and thought that it was strange to want to die while being incredibly turned on at the same time.

Though, as everything in his life, it all went downhill from then on.

The sushi he ate for dinner last night came back with a vengeance.

And as he leaned in-front of the toilet and emptied his insides while Hayase went from comforting him, saying, 'There, there…' to making a hit-list shouting 'I swear that I'll murder every single one of them! I'll freaking bomb the place!' Tsuna thought that maybe marrying a woman he only met last night in Vegas was probably not a good idea.

But hey, he was a man in love.

(Anonymous) on February 19th, 2013 10:55 pm (UTC)
I've never seen a 27fem!59, to be honest with you. I was interested the moment that I saw that in the information box. I love the way you set it up and I can't wait for more! :3

waketozee: pic#120044221waketozee on February 20th, 2013 12:26 pm (UTC)
Me too! I only saw one and while it was very great, the author of it didn't write anything like it again /sad face

Well, I'm very glad that my humble fic gained your like and I hope the others will be the same ^^

Thank you!
rina_yukina: Gojyorina_yukina on January 28th, 2014 05:03 pm (UTC)
Oooo...this is a very interesting set-up~ I'm wanna