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15 February 2013 @ 03:19 am
Dieci Tempeste 1/3.  
An attempt to make myself able to fill out prompts.

Dieci Tempeste.
Rating: T.
Pairings: 5927/2759.
Warnings: Fail and my usual weirdness.
Timelines: Mixed.
Ten times they caused storms to erupt in each other, storms that made path for a clear sky.

First storm.

Tsuna grumbled irritably as he walked under the rain, thoroughly soaked.

Trust Reborn to order him to buy his favorite espresso even when it was raining, the fact that his umbrella went missing (he suspected that Lambo had something to do with it) didn't help either.

His tutor would pay someday for this, probably in hell.

"Tenth?" asked a voice next to him, and Tsuna knew who it was before looking.

"Hello Go-" He raised an eyebrow when he saw that his friend didn't have anything to prevent himself from getting soaked. "Where's your umbrella? And why are you walking without it in the first place?"

"Bianchi called asking me to stop by your house, Tenth," Gokudera replied, his voice a bit louder so that the other could hear him over the sound of rain. He looked hesitant as he continued, "That's if you don't mind me coming over of course! I'll just see what Bianchi wanted and I'll immediately take my leave!"

Two years ago, Tsuna would've raised his hands in defense and frantically told him that he didn't mean anything like that. But now, he only sighed and just grabbed Gokudera's left hand and dragged him forward.

"Tenth?" Gokudera asked again, although this time, there was a developing blush on his face.

"How many times do I have to tell you that it's okay to come over anytime you wanted? I like it when you come over, I like it when we're together and... I like you."

He was glad that it was raining, the sound of the water hitting the streets continually made his rushed, embarrassing and whispered confession covered.

Gokudera's hand that he was holding wasn't tense anymore, and Tsuna smiled fondly as he slowed his pace, making them both walk calmly under the rain.

Their hands were still connected.

Second storm.

Gokudera was giving out his report in his usual, overly professional way.


"Uh, Gokudera... why is there a puppy on your head?" At that, Gokudera cursed loudly like he was caught or something, which was absurd because anyone would notice that there was a cheerful puppy on top of his head.

Gokudera then went on to his usual apology fest before he explained how the puppy followed him around in Paris when he was doing a mission there, and thinking that it was a tracking dog sent to gather information about the family, he captured him and brought him back home for examination.

So the puppy followed him around, Gokudera found him too cute and couldn't help himself from bringing him here, Tsuna mused, years of knowing the mechanics of his right-hand-man thought process coming in handy. "What's its name?" he asked curiously, coming over and patting the puppy's head gently, a gesture the puppy returned by licking his hand.

"Sirius," Gokudera answered, wincing as the puppy tugged on his hair from moving around so much.

"I like him," Tsuna noted as he picked the puppy up from his head, taking a moment to smooth Gokudera's hair along with that.

The puppy looked pleased with that notion, seeing as he enthusiastically began to lick Tsuna's face.

Inwardly, Gokudera concluded that Tsuna was okay with Sirius staying in the mansion, which was a relief since he knew of his bitter past with dogs.

Though he had to teach the puppy some basics.

No licking is to be done to the Tenth.

Only I would do the licking.

He had to admit though, the puppy had a damn good taste.

Third storm.

Gokudera was a brave man.

He was fearless.

He was ruthless.

He was bat-shit insane and one hundred percent badass.

He was going to confess this day, and nothing could stop him.



"A dinner party at the Cavallone mansion?"

His boss nodded, shattering every plan Gokudera had for this day.

"And he decided to make it now?" I knew there was a reason why I didn't like that guy ten years ago.

Tsuna nodded again. "He said that he missed us."

"On this exact day?" Gokudera repeated, still in denial.

He's on my shit-list, absolutely.

Being annoyed, depressed and homicidal, Gokudera decided to drink the moment he arrived at the Cavallone mansion, only for a bit though.

Somehow, he found himself drunk and being carried by Tsuna, who looked at him when he opened his eyes and sighed tiredly. "Go back to sleep, Gokudera. You drank too much today."

"How much?" He could still feel the pleasant buzz of intoxication running all over his body.

"You emptied half of Dino's bar." Tsuna noted, sternly.

He was feeling too warm to think about whether he made the other mad, too tingly from the sparks of love he felt in his being, too happy.

Too brave...

"I love you, Tenth," he found himself saying, drunken courage mixed with his frustrations and giddiness over the fact that Tsuna was carrying him of all people.

His boss's eyes widened with something akin to hope, and he looked as if he was about to say something but chose against it in the end. "Go to sleep."

"I mean it, Tenth. I really do," Gokudera urged.

"Let's talk about it some other time."

"Do you want me to make a song about it? Because I will."

"You're drunk."

"You're sexy," Gokudera shot back with a wink, grinning widely.

And then he drifted back to sleep with the chuckles of his boss being the last thing he remembers before he began snoring.

"I love you too, hot stuff," Tsuna muttered softly, holding Gokudera's body even more closer, and snorting at his silly choice of words.

Fourth storm.

One day, Gokudera declared that he was interested in the Japanese calligraphy after watching a documentary about it the night before.

And of all people, he chose Tsuna to be the one who would teach him.

It was true that his grandfather from his mother's side was quite an expert on this, but that doesn't mean that he was like him, his last attempt ended up in a disaster, some people got scarred for life even.

But seeing the hopeful look in Gokudera's eyes as he asked him, Tsuna couldn't say no.

The calligraphy lessons went on smoothly, much to Tsuna's surprise.

He only taught Gokudera some few tricks he remembered from his grandfather, but trust Gokudera to get the hang of it after one try, he didn't even need him now.

Because he refused to take the writing tools from Tsuna (even when the latter insisted that it was okay for him to take them), Gokudera made a habit of grabbing the scrolls and brushes and drown himself in writing every time he came over.

And Tsuna spent these times marveling on Gokudera's unusual quietness as he wrote, fascinated by how swift and sharp his brush strokes were on the pale scrolls.

He didn't know why, but he found himself so captivated that he would always drop the brush he had (Gokudera insisted that they should write together), smearing the ink all over his clothes along with that.

He still watched though.

And after two weeks, all of his clothes were blotched with ink.

Fifth storm.

The shop he entered was... unique, to say the least.

As he was returning home from an errand, he saw an old lady struggling to carry the many bags she had across the street. And seeing that it wasn't good to let her carry all of that heavy looking stuff, Tsuna stepped up and helped her.

As a thank you, the old lady invited him to enter her shop after he walked her there, refusing every excuse on his part as he told her that she didn't need to award him for a simple favor.

He was surprised when he saw the many antiques of different shapes and sizes all around upon entering the shop, some of the antiques were pretty, while some of them were plain disturbing.

"Let me bring you some tea!" the old lady, Shoko, exclaimed with a wide grin.

After she brought tea and some sweets, they both engaged in friendly conversation, getting to know more about each other while at it.

He found out that Shoko was an antique collector who lived most of her life traveling all over the world in search for an interesting piece, either in origins, age, or the tales and legends that came along with it. She told him that every piece in her shop had a story, some had ended, and some had yet to finish.

After an hour of exchanging stories, Tsuna decided that he was late for home and bid Shoko goodbye, but as he was going towards the door, a glint of red coming from the counter got his attention and he curiously approached to see what it was.

Upon reaching there, he saw that it was a silver ring with small carvings of chains circling around its metal, a blood red ruby settled at the center of it.

"The Casil Ring. My, you have a good eye for old legends, child," Shoko approvingly noted from behind. "Legends say that knights who were in constant danger were given this ring, and it would always bring them back safe to the ones who gave it to them. However, there was a condition to fill in order for it to work."

Bring them back safe...

His mind immediately thought of that reckless bomber friend of his, how many times did he get worried about whether he'll return safe or not.

And even though Gokudera had a better sense of self-worth than his four years younger self, the fact that he would sacrifice himself for them without a second thought scared the hell out of him.

He knew and believed that his friend was strong, but sometimes, death could take even the strongest of them with ease.

"What's the condition?" he asked, turning towards Shoko.

She only smiled knowingly and replied, "You can take it, consider it as a gesture of gratitude from me." And before Tsuna protested, she continued, "You don't want to make a poor, old lady like myself sad, do you?"

Tsuna looked as though he was trying to figure out a way to refuse, but he took a glance at her sad face (he was sure that she was pretending, but still...) and sighed heavily. "What if I wasn't worthy of it? What if the condition didn't apply on me?"

Shoko's feature softened as she answered, "You already have it, child. I could see it clearly through your eyes."

The next day, Shoko saw Tsuna walking along with a sliver haired boy (who grew considerably ecstatic every time he looked at the awfully familiar ring he was wearing) when she was returning from the market.

She couldn't help herself from grinning happily.

So he's the one...

Shoko congratulated herself on her brilliant observation skills. After all, the Casil Ring would only work if the ring was given with love, an honest and pure love.

She hoped that they would realize their feelings soon, she had a very interesting set of antiques for lovers in waiting.

demoerin: Triplets of Bellville: most intrepiddemoerin on February 19th, 2013 05:44 pm (UTC)
Aw, nice and fluffy, which is always something I appreciate with this ship. I like the little supernatural element that sneaks in at the end, and the mention of the way Tsuna's learned to decode Gokudera.
waketozee: pic#120044221waketozee on February 19th, 2013 07:45 pm (UTC)
asdfghk! Ahem, thank you! I'm glad you found it that way ^^

This ship is so fluffy, that's why I'm all over it now. I mean, these two have serious strong bonds between them. It's impossible to ignore their fluffiness!

And yes, Tsuna has figured how to decode him, being with someone like him for a long while made him into a Dera-expert.

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on this! I hope the next part will gain your approval :)
rina_yukina: Gojyorina_yukina on January 24th, 2014 09:45 am (UTC)
I agree, very cute and fluffy those two are!!:)