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25 October 2012 @ 02:02 pm
You Know You Can’t Deny  
New here ^^
I wrote this oneshot for someone I follow on Tumblr who is a major 5927 fan. It's the first time I ever wrote something about any pairing in KHR so forgive this.

Title: You Know You Can’t Deny.
Pairing/Characters: Hints of 5927 or 2759 (depends on the way you see it), honorable mention to one Rokudo Mukuro. 
Rated: PG/PG-13 I think.
Genre: Humor.
Warning(s): Failed writing, typos, 
Summary: In which Mukuro plays the matchmaker, Tsuna is confused and Gokudera is oblivious.

Mukuro looked around for a bit, feigning interest in an office he saw many times before. It was when Tsuna decided to ask him about what he was doing here that he spoke, “Your Storm Guardian has feelings for you.”
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