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20 July 2010 @ 07:30 am
Fic: Oversight  

Title: Oversight
Rating: NC-17 (sex)
Prompt: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Tsuna/Gokudera, companionship - there is a place where the sidewalk ends/and before the street begins
Word count: 4825
Notes: The quote in the prompt, which is also used as one of Tsuna's lines of dialogue, is from the poem "Where the Sidewalk Ends" by Shel Silverstein. There are vague references to recent chapters up to around 296. I take the easy option with regards to Yamamoto because of a suspicion that canon will do the same. Chapter two ... should be available shortly (should).

Chapter 1: Some lion walking round the suburb

It's after school, and Tsuna's got an awkward balance between walking fast to discourage Gokudera and walking slower because it looks like he's being rude.

After school has become exactly like during school, with Gokudera sticking by him and talking to him with this big smile that turns into a big scowl whenever he looks somewhere else. So Tsuna stays two steps ahead the whole walk home and fiddles with his collar or his bag or his jacket, and then at last with the latch of the gate - anything so that he seems busy enough not to turn back and figure out a response. Finally he's through the front door and busy with shoelaces and slippers, and his mother's helloes and after-school questions called from the kitchen.

Only when Gokudera meets Lambo and also Lambo's grenades does Tsuna realise that he's let another foreign Mafia kid into his house.

"Aah! Gokudera-kun!" he quietly screams. He hasn't had nightmares about this exact moment, but has thought in dull pain that soon he would.

Gokudera looks at him. "Ah!" he says. He looks down at Lambo, tightening his grip on the tiny shirtfront with a scowl, and then back to Tsuna. His mouth drops open.

"Tenth!" he says in almost a quiet scream (more like 'strangled', because he's terrible at quiet). He drops Lambo, bows, and runs for the door and slams it so hard that it bounces back open.

It's the last thing Tsuna expected. Weird as Gokudera is, he seems like he should have taken the first possible chance to go overboard and try to move in (like foreign Mafia kids seem to have done...). Tsuna's happy about it! really! deeply! and yet he's leaning over to look out the door.

And jerks back when Gokudera, on the sidewalk in front of the gate, turns at the same time to glance at the house.

Great, he manages to embarrass himself on top of everything else - so Tsuna tries to make up for his complete lack of social skills by leaning over again, lifting his hand in goodbye - but the street's empty, Gokudera's gone.

Finally. Tsuna sighs in relief, and then sighs again as he thinks of school tomorrow. Given what he knows of Gokudera, the shyness won't last. He shuts the door.

* * *

"You will examine the Vongola heir," Reborn said, cocking the brim of his hat with his gun. "Or else."

It surprised Tsuna that Reborn was serious. The tone of his voice and certainty of his movements made Shamal stiffen and shift in tiny movements where he sprawled on the couch - ready for a fight and as unwilling as ever to get into one. They'd jumped in through the man's window and now they were threatening to shoot him.

"He's already given me a look-over," Tsuna told Reborn. "As a doctor, he probably couldn't help coming to some conclusions. Right, Shamal?"

"Hmm. You're more straightforward," Shamal said like a reflex, the calculating look meaning it was likely that he was adding the observation to a list of symptoms, and then shrugged irritably. He really didn't like treating guys.

Reborn had kept his gun raised. "It was literally a look-over. He didn't even sit up. Are you satisfied with that, Tsuna?"

Tsuna turned blank and burning eyes from one to the other, taking in what he could - especially the way the two hitmen watched him back. "You're the one who says he's a great doctor."

"Oh yeah, Reborn? You go around threatening to kill all your most talented friends when all they want is to watch Miss World?"

"Give your diagnosis on Tsuna, and then shut up."

"Since you ask so nicely." Now Shamal did sit up, giving in to being interested. His eyes went over Tsuna again. "You've been working the kid hard, haven't you? Been shooting him full of special bullets and feeding him his dad's pills. His body probably has a build-up of residue, or it's taking a shortcut to keep him in this state in self-defence. From what I hear he's been able to light it himself for a while now, anyway. Is he going to set the flat on fire?"

The sky flame burnt bright and high on Tsuna's forehead, as steady as it had all afternoon, through training and afterwards when they found that it wouldn't fade away regardless of what Tsuna willed.

"No, it won't," Tsuna told Shamal, though that question had mostly been a joke. The tension of challenge had left the atmosphere completely. It disturbed him how quickly they'd let it go. Hitmen.

"What's it feel like?"

Tsuna shrugged. "The same as always."

Shamal sat back in satisfaction, theory confirmed. "And you'd know, wouldn't you, with that hyper intuition. If his body doesn't feel like it's in trouble then this isn't a threat. And it's not unnatural - for a Vongola, anyway. None of them have ever died because of their flame, from what I've heard. Didn't Great-grandpa Primo walk around like this half the time?" He looked to Reborn, who nodded, and said, "You're out of the woods, Vongola Tenth."

Tsuna nodded to be polite. It was a good idea to know why this had happened, but he hadn't found it in himself to worry about the flame the way Reborn had. Why start now?

"I might ... have focused too much on physical training recently," Reborn said, watching him.

Shamal jumped on the hint. "When are you going to tell me more about what you've been prepping for? I'll even pay for the drinks."

"We can't afford it. Too many rumours have got out already."

The other two looked at Tsuna with surprise, meeting the steady gaze. Shamal grinned. "You're going to have fun with him until he's worn out, Reborn."

Reborn looked up sharply. "Then he'll go back to normal once he's tired enough?"

"This takes up a lot of energy, doesn't it? Might be natural, but it's not effortless." Shamal looked reminiscent. "If you're looking for a comparison, it's a lot like—"

"It's nothing like that," Tsuna said.

"Oh, come on. I have to get in at least one dirty joke per meeting." Shamal grinned and lay back on the couch, stretching. "Now get out of here, unless you bring me a beer and sit down to watch the swimsuit section of the pageant."

"If you're going to be useless, recommend someone for a second opinion," Reborn said.

"It doesn't matter," Tsuna told him. He looked down at his hands, resisting the urge to study them now that he had the flame and wasn't wearing gloves. He already knew what they were capable of. "I'll be fine."

Shamal laughed. "That's the first time I've heard you say a thing like that, Vongola Tenth."

Tsuna bowed and turned to the door. "Thank you," he said over his shoulder.


Everything would be fine. It had to be.

In the centre of the calmness the dying will offered, Tsuna stood back and looked at the facts of the world. Reborn was dragging him up to the mountains for training as if it were the ring scramble matches all over again. He got restless, watching Tsuna refine his techniques; he was waiting to move ahead. To Italy, probably. That time was definitely coming closer. When Tsuna would take over entirely as boss - all the businesses, accounts, land, and people... - no matter what he said and what he wanted. Hadn't the time spent in the era of ten years later proven that? Hadn't all the attacks, repercussions of the weakness the Vongola had shown a few years ago against Simon at the Inheritance Ceremony defeat, made it necessary? There was no longer any way to pretend there was a way back to normal life.

It was already true, even if it was still waiting to happen. He could see readiness in Kusakabe's reports that Hibari had developed a tendency to disappear and travel outside Namimori; Haru's ordering Italian reading books online; Ryohei's constant search for new, challenging opponents. Gokudera had always been ready, and now Tsuna belatedly recognised the signs and knew how to read it in every other move he made.

They were all ready, and it was one of the few things he couldn't fight. So everything had changed - soon - and all he could do was to be prepared.

The next day he lost the love of his life. It wasn't very surprising.


On one side of him Gokudera was stiff and bewildered, but on the other side Yamamoto was highly interested, which was comforting. Other people would react more like Gokudera. Tsuna flexed his hands as he thought of the person he was about to speak to.

"Ask Kyoko-chan to come out and talk to me."

She froze when she stepped out of the classroom and saw him with the dying will flame lit, and Gokudera bumped her with his shoulder so she'd keep walking down the hall. She glanced back at him, at Yamamoto's reassuring smile, and then all around before her eyes settled back on Tsuna. Nothing else was out of the ordinary but she was still tensed to run - then she chose to run to him.

"It's all right," Tsuna said. Kyoko stood right beside him and hissed, "What's happening, Tsuna-kun?"


"Has anybody been hurt? Who's fighting right now?"

"No one - there's no fight, I promise."


"I promise."

Slowly, Kyoko relaxed, but from the way she drew back, she found it hard to believe him when he was like this - a Tsuna she didn't really know or like. "Then why do you look like that? Is it training?"

"It's because of too much training. It's got me stuck in hyper mode. Doctor Shamal said I should be back to normal soon, once I'm tired."

"Oh!" Kyoko took a step back to bend, hands on knees, and heave a sigh of relief. "Oh, good! I thought for sure I'd need my first aid kit..."

"You don't have to bring that to school anymore. It shouldn't be necessary."

"It might be."

Kyoko looked almost like him. She was determined, strong with patience, and something about her eyes had gone old.

She hadn't been strong like this when he met her, and Tsuna was proud of how she'd grown. It was a good thing that, with the flame lit, he was brave enough to hug her to show that pride and his offer of support for her strength. Even though they stood in the middle of the hallway and Yamamoto and Gokudera were right there, her arms closed tight around him and her hands dug into his shirt. She hardly trembled at all.

Tsuna stepped back to look her over at arm's length, and Kyoko blinked and then did the same to him. She didn't trust him.

Yamamoto laughed when she checked him and Gokudera too. "Seriously! Nothing's wrong!"

"Look, Reborn-san even said he'd reassure you if you had any doubts," Gokudera said, proffering his cellphone. "Call him."

"Reborn-kun lies as much as the rest of you," Kyoko said, puzzled.

"It's not LIES! It's necessary cover—"

Probably it wasn't the kind of thing you talked about in school, but their schoolmates had got used to ignoring weird stuff, and this was on the low end of Vongola's scale. Tsuna let them get on with it and went to take his seat in class.

Just in time.

"And what the hell are you looking at, Hibari?" he heard Gokudera snarl, and a second later the three of them ran into the classroom, luckily unharmed.

"Sasagawa sure can blush!" Yamamoto said at lunchtime.

There was another group eating on the roof, but they were far enough away not to overhear. Tsuna acknowledged Yamamoto with a glance and kept eating.

Yamamoto got even less subtle and more happy. "That clinch looked serious." Gokudera was silently getting interested in the topic as well. "Sooo. Do you still like her, Tsuna?"


"Don't be shy! It's sweet if you still like her from middle school. Sasagawa would hear you out."

It felt like he could see the future. That second of delay between Kyoko's shock and when she'd moved towards him - the considered fear on her face. His showing up on an ordinary day, ready to fight, was something she'd expected. She would always have to. He could see her smile slipping, cracking.

He'd actually seen the future, though, so it probably wasn't the Vongola intuition. Kyoko of ten years later had waited for him in whatever form he might come, drawn and calm and full of the faith that came with a lack of choices, injured and with the enemy right behind her.

"She'll never be happy again," Tsuna said, shutting his lunchbox. "I don't like her."

After break, a prickle of awareness made him glance up to see that Yamamoto and Gokudera were surprised that he went to reassure Kyoko again that nothing was wrong. Their eyes followed him for the rest of the day, watching him even more than the rest of the class was doing.

Technically it was weird for him to say I don't like her, after years of watching the light catch Kyoko's hair, but there was blankness in him where protest against the words might have been.

It didn't feel bad.

But it was still nice when Kyoko joined them on the walk home from school, though the guys seemed to be waiting for him to snap and yell at her.

"I just want to see," she said. "I believe you, but it's weird to see that fire burning for so long."

"Haru should walk with us too," Tsuna said.

A bush a few metres down from the school gates shuddered and split, revealing - a dog. A dog costume. Haru in a dog costume. The realisations flashed across Yamamoto and Gokudera's faces in rapid succession, delayed by a lack of belief that someone would dress like that. It was a great costume, though. Reborn surely had to be making time to give Haru lessons too. And maybe some of Spanner's hologram tech was involved?

"It seems like Tsuna-kun gets very observant when he's like this," Kyoko called out, rueful.

"What the—you two are keeping tabs on us?" Gokudera sputtered. Neither girl looked remotely embarrassed.

"You haven't noticed anything contrary to what they told you, have you, Kyoko-chan? Everything has stayed peaceful?" Haru said, stuffing the costume into her schoolbag. Thankfully, she was wearing a normal school uniform underneath.

"Of course not! We're telling the truth!"

"It would be hard to hide this time, considering it's on Tsuna-san's face," Haru said, not precisely angry, and Gokudera did her the courtesy of dropping the fight. The conversation took on more ordinary tones as they began walking to Tsuna's house (quite fast. Tsuna had suspicions about Hibari deciding to head for the school gates.), starting with Haru making sure that Tsuna felt fine and going on to school, gossip, and plans.

"I won't see Shoichi until the flame goes away. It would freak him out to see me looking like I'll fight. Tell him I'm sick when you see him."

"I'll take care of it, Tenth! Then you won't be coming to the movie with all of us on Sunday?" Gokudera ended regretfully.

Tsuna shook his head. "Besides - I hate horror movies."

Kyoko and Yamamoto laughed hard at the honesty about the completely obvious and the way Gokudera stuttered shocked apologies. It died out when Tsuna gave a considering glanced at Kyoko's laughing face and did not linger, and he didn't try to convince Gokudera to relax or please shut up.

Everyone was careful of him, watching him openly or from the edges of their vision, and when he reached his house they hovered at the gate and waited for a cue rather than trooping in as they'd done before. Tsuna said goodbye, and heard the anxiety in their stillness as they watched him go.

Not being asked in worried them, but he didn't feel like speaking right now and, as the afternoon went on, that would make them feel worse. There was blankness when he thought about wanting to keep Kyoko close, but there was also something in the part of him that burned that roiled to think of her unhappiness, now and in future, because of him, and at how definitely she was out of reach. At least he was used to the latter.

Tsuna sat at his desk with his head on crossed arms, watching the view out of the window. Around dusk, Reborn walked into the room and hung up his hat. He had to be tired to do that early in the evening, though you'd never be able to tell from how he moved.

"I started teaching Kyoko how to handle a gun this afternoon," he said, jumping on to the desk and taking a seat there. He had habits from when he was smaller that were starting to look weird as he grew up. "It was stupid of her not to expect it, but she got the idea. With more lessons - some time - she'll be able to take care of herself if worst comes to worst."

Tsuna found that he could smile, to his surprise. "Ha. She learned something like that before me? And of course she's not stupid, Reborn. She shouldn't have to expect something like that. She should have a chance to be free from it."

"You can still learn later," said Reborn, ignoring the rest. For once he wasn't smiling like he normally did when planning Spartan training tortures. Reborn could be kind when there was a reason. But the reason this time, Tsuna realised, was not because of a plan to make him a boss, but just to be kind to him.

"No-Good Tsuna," Reborn told him fondly, probably.

"Am not," Tsuna said, face buried in the crook of his arm.


Even the next morning, Reborn was still feeling kind. He perched on the window ledge of an empty classroom and explained that another consultation with Shamal had resulted in a simple plan of action, and he didn't once make up a reason to kick Tsuna. It made him look wistful.

"So you need to do anything that will tire you out?" said Yamamoto. "You should join baseball practice!"

"Knew it," Gokudera said.

Yamamoto laughed. "Yeah, yeah, what else would I say? It's a great idea!"

"I'll think of something really strenuous, Tenth!"

"That's the spirit." Reborn hopped off the ledge, and his voice floated up from outside. "Tsuna will be taking a break from my training until this blows over."

As the three of them walked to class, Yamamoto and Gokudera tried to make plans with Tsuna, but after a few spare, even answers they talked over his head. Meanwhile, Tsuna wondered if there was more going on than Reborn was saying. Surely they could keep training and really, they should; it wasn't training that was the problem, after all, but the use of the dying will bullet and pills.

He rolled his arms in their sockets, taking stock of his body. He felt fine, and the sights, sounds, smells - all the sensations around him were normal. Maybe a hitman was more paranoid than needed; Tsuna saw things as they were in front of him. Everything was fine.

At least until baseball practice.

"His head is on fire," objected one boy.

"That happens sometimes," said someone who'd attended Namimori Middle School.

"It's a good intimidation tactic, isn't it?" Yamamoto said. "And it's not against the rules."

"Definitely not," Tsuna said, sounding so certain he must have checked.

The coach gave a hapless nod at that and waved everyone on to get ready for practice. Their schoolmates went with backwards looks, whispering in groups, and there were excited stories from people who knew him from middle school.

In spite of the stories, Tsuna was a probationary player, sent to act as catcher in a distant corner. Nothing went his way. Gokudera, banished to the top of the stands by the coach, strained his vocal chords to denounce nations, worlds, universes, and Nami High for the lack of belief in Tsuna's skills. Then, twenty minutes into the practice game, Tsuna put up his gloved hand.

A couple of fielders pointed out the skinny, expectant arm, and the pitcher's eyes slid briefly in that direction before he dismissed it and wound up. Time to get the batter out...

But this time the batter's tensed body exploded into motion - a toy airplane flying overhead smashed spectacularly into the ball's path - the ball bounced off the helmet of a player who could sprint really fast but tended not to judge trajectories properly - into Sawada Tsuna's glove.

He waited patiently for the team's shock to wear off before he threw the ball back.

"That's the Tenth!" Gokudera hollered triumphantly.

"That's Tsuna," Yamamoto agreed.

"THAT'S SAWADA!" Ryohei stood and strained forwards at the very edge of the sidelines, holding up a pair of boxing gloves by their strings. He already wore his own. "MASTER PAO-PAO SAID YOU'D JOIN THE CLUB AFTERWARDS?"

Tsuna paused only for a second before waving back and nodding, not long enough to quell Ryohei's tears of joy in the slightest. And so the boxing club got another member.

Not for long, though.

Tsuna pelted hell for leather out of the gym a half-hour into the match, nose bloody, and a few seconds later Ryohei said, "Aw, Hibari, let someone else join for a change!"


"Swimming," said Tsuna.

They went swimming.

It wasn't hot enough for it to be the first activity on anyone's mind but the weather wasn't too cold for it either, and Tsuna's voice was firm. The way he sounded made it a compulsion. Yamamoto followed looking a touch surprised and amused that he was doing it, and Gokudera followed.

Tsuna's passage up and down the swimming pool was marked by water-on-a-griddle hissing and a thin trail of steam less substantial than Gokudera's cigarette smoke. The flame didn't diminish.

A few little kids started grabbing him as he ploughed up and down the pool, squealing and clutching as they ducked out of the way of his arms, and he tried to tow them without slowing too much. In glimpses between the splashes of water, he saw Gokudera sit down and pinch out the fuses of several sticks of dynamite on realising that he wasn't annoyed by the kids. He almost didn't need to see that Yamamoto raised his eyebrows and grinned.

"I would've scared them off with the bangs!" Gokudera said, reddening. "The dynamite doesn't have to hit to be effective!"

He sat and watched, mostly, as Tsuna kept swimming and Yamamoto joined in, racing Tsuna and tossing the kids that fell off him in the air to cheer them up. Whenever Tsuna was passing by and turned his head to take in air, he'd catch glimpses of Gokudera's frown. It was amazing how permanent the expression was, now that Tsuna noticed it anew - but it was getting more pronounced.


"Tired?" Gokudera asked hopefully.

"Not a bit," Yamamoto said. "Just look at him!"

After a day like that, Tsuna should have been walking slumped, grinning tiredly at his shoes when he wasn't aiming it at his friends.

Tsuna's gaze flickered between the two boys flanking him and then returned to scanning the surroundings, from movement to sound to movement with his shoulders held high and alert. He looked about to shrug off Yamamoto's arm and set the sky on fire.

"I'm just hungry," he said.

"Reborn-san said that was likely to happen! I prepared for it!" Gokudera dug in his schoolbag and shovelled fully three-eighths of the school shop's food into the crook of his arm, and Tsuna made a generous selection.

"And Gokudera asked me to bring sushi tomorrow," Yamamoto said. "It'll be a lot, so if you don't have it all, we could have a real party!" His gaze drifted up in thought and he grinned. "Haha! Do you think we could use your flame to heat a pan if we wanted to fry up some eel?"

"You DISRESPECTFUL—" Gokudera choked with outrage, but then he was distracted by Tsuna's absolute stillness. He'd stopped walking, and even stopped eating.

Tsuna looked at Yamamoto. He said, "No."

"Ahaha. Um." Yamamoto's arm dropped off Tsuna's shoulders, and when they passed his house, he said short goodbyes. Gokudera stared at Tsuna like it should make a difference.

He took a deep breath before his own goodbyes at the Sawada gate. "Things will return to normal soon, Tenth!" he said with the big smile he used to be reassuring.

"I don't mind, and Yamamoto's not offended," Tsuna said. "Don't worry."

That made Gokudera frown again, even deeper than usual. He turned sharply to go, and it might have been easier to let him - then he stepped off the sidewalk, and Tsuna contritely reached out to close fingers around his wrist.

"Since you want to stay, you should."

Gokudera looked cornered. "Tenth, intruding at a time like this..."

"I'd like the company." He politely looked away before Gokudera's embarrassment could really show and gave a tug at his wrist before going through the gate. Gokudera shuffled after him.

Inside Tsuna avoided Lambo with a sidestep and clapped his hands over Gokudera's eyes three seconds before Bianchi came into the room, and regretted it because Gokudera stood like he felt really awkward and the sudden contact didn't lessen that one bit. His mother provided a distraction by popping her head into the room and exclaiming over how late Tsuna was and how glad she was to see Gokudera joining them.

"Let's squeeze some homework in before dinner," Gokudera said, and Tsuna headed for the stairs before Gokudera could drag him up bodily.

"Yes?" he asked as he entered his room.

"Tenth! Are you sure everything's all right?" Gokudera stood too close and wanted to put his hands on Tsuna's shoulders. It was obscurely annoying that he didn't, though Tsuna didn't like getting shaken about. "There's no enemy you're fighting?"

Yes. He was entirely sure he would have noticed that. Even his friends just might have picked up on it. "I wouldn't be able to do something like that without all of you."

"I know! You wouldn't do that to us. But ... constantly being in this state..."

It wouldn't do any good to say 'it doesn't matter' again. "Shamal said that I'd be fine."

That gave only a moment's relief, and even if it was heartfelt, the suspicion that followed it was almost as deep. "What does that amount to? Did he even examine you? He didn't, I bet, that womanising pervert!"

"Stay, like I said. You'll see that I'm okay. Help me get the futon."

Gokudera followed the order hastily but apologised for everything he could think of in between helping Tsuna set the futon up. "I don't want to be a burden. The house is already so full, and mostly with those noisy brats."

"There's enough space."

"And now that you're in crisis, you don't need more things to think about, even little things."

The funny part was that Gokudera hadn't been worried at all in the days before the flame took hold; days and days of Tsuna getting increasingly sick and tired of training and all the reasons behind it. Tsuna sighed and almost smiled, glad to know the earnestness with which Gokudera tried to relieve his burdens, though he often didn't have a clue what they were.

"This isn't anything to think about. There's no difference to any other day, aside from the flame."

Quiet, except for the way that Gokudera looked. He felt like that was a big difference.

"It's supposed to go away soon," Tsuna said with finality, and headed for the door. Gokudera went downstairs with him. They waited for supper in the lounge, watching TV with the kids, Tsuna deciphering the ways in which the actors acted and all the things they betrayed underneath that. Gokudera kept the kids busy as they were wary of Tsuna's flame from associating it with serious fights, but still wanted some big-brotherly attention, and because he was too distracted at the moment to really get annoyed by their antics.

"How'd you know? That I want to stay," Gokudera finally asked, when the others had trooped into the kitchen to help Tsuna's mother, and the clatter of Futa and I-Pin setting the table provided cover.

"There's a place where the sidewalk ends and before the street begins," Tsuna said, and shut his eyes. It sounded stupid to say, but the image was there in his mind and he'd never realised it so clearly before. "It's where you pause, a little bit. Sometimes you look back or you shrug and then you go home as if it's the only thing there is to do."

He stopped before saying You can always stay here. It felt as obvious as the rest, and Gokudera was already gaping.

"Supper's ready," he said, turning to the kitchen.

"Supper's ready!" his mother called.


Chapter 2: Ditches dug in tender places

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Reading it that many times is already a huge compliment, so thank you! I'm glad you like the characterisation and especially the Tsuna-Gokudera interaction, since that's my favourite to write (obviously, given what community this is XD).

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...Man, hanging out with him when he's like that seems creepy as hell. But yeah, this is really good, haha.
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It's fun writing Hyper Tsuna, actually. I like trying to figure out what's going on behind all that srsface and bluntness, and how it relates to normal Tsuna. Thanks for the comment. <3
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This is so well written! And the title fits the chapter perfectly. Hyper!Tsuna outside of battle or Spartan training feels so predatory that it's eerie. This is also a very interesting plot, I can't wait to see where you take it.
Oh and btw, I think you've handled the characters amazingly already. From guardians to Haru and Kyoko, not once did I think they were out of character so kudos for that ;) (that bit with Ryohei and Hibari had me cracking up, I had to stop for a second before I could continue!)
Also! Love the TsunaGoku interactions, they're so dorky(mores Gokudera than Tsuna ATM) that it's adorably awkward.
Can't wait to read more!
demoerin: HEY MA! WHAT'S YOUR AGE AND TYPE?demoerin on August 1st, 2010 10:00 pm (UTC)
Urk, I feel like this doesn't so much have a plot as that it's rather long for one post. I hope the rest doesn't disappoint.

I'm really glad the characterisations all felt like they work. Thank you!
hollywood_r_binhollywood_r_bin on September 4th, 2010 05:17 pm (UTC)
This is really great. I like the angst in this fic, how jaded Tsuna sounded. Kinda sad but fitting at the same time. I especially like the first line, and also the one about the side walk at the end. Even with just one chapter it's beautiful :)
demoerin: cranky jackass faces &heartdemoerin on September 6th, 2010 10:24 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the comment and also reminding me about this fic. I hadn't quite realised it's been more than a month since I posted this chapter!

It's good to know that Tsuna's attitude feels like it makes sense. The sidewalk line is from a lovely poem by Shel Silverstein, "Where the Sidewalk Ends".
hollywood_r_binhollywood_r_bin on September 6th, 2010 11:48 pm (UTC)
A month hehehe, you're such a quick writer if not updating for a month concerns you. I take more than 3 to update pretty much everytime.
demoerin: HEY MA! WHAT'S YOUR AGE AND TYPE?demoerin on September 7th, 2010 04:24 pm (UTC)
It's just that I have large parts of the rest of the fic written already, so it really shouldn't be taking long.
hollywood_r_binhollywood_r_bin on September 7th, 2010 11:28 pm (UTC)
Oh, well then Yay!
Fireflies by Nightreidluver on January 11th, 2011 10:57 pm (UTC)
Cool! Again, I know I've read this before, but perhaps I just found out about it before I got an LJ account. I like the thought of Tsuna being in the HDWM for an extended period of time, and then the comment from the one kid saying that Tsuna's head is like that sometimes was hilarious! XD

*puppy-dog eyes* Will there be more soon?
demoerindemoerin on January 12th, 2011 03:11 pm (UTC)
I won't say there will be more soon, because apparently I'm terrible at keeping my own schedule, but I have been working on it. It's maybe 85% done, but that last 15% is stubborn!
Fireflies by Night: Meganereidluver on January 12th, 2011 03:27 pm (UTC)
Totally fine. I hear ya with that whole 15% bit being the hardest part. And that's why makes it so frustrating at times!
reighost: olderconanreighost on August 16th, 2013 05:59 am (UTC)
Do you have any more of this out yet? I've tried looking for more but can't find any. If you could point me in the right direction of where to find the rest? Or just tell me if this is all there is?
demoerin: Triplets of Bellville: most intrepiddemoerin on August 16th, 2013 10:14 am (UTC)
I haven't completely finished this yet, to my great embarassment. I have a terrible tendency to write most of a story, post the first chapter so I can stop tweaking it and polish the rest of it, and then never getting beyond that. I do want to finish this but oh wow, chances are slim. If I do, the other chapters will be posted to this community.
hineninja on November 6th, 2013 10:30 am (UTC)
Brilliant. Even your Shamal is just perfect. I hope you will come back to this one day.
demoerin: Triplets of Bellville: most intrepiddemoerin on November 6th, 2013 04:14 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! I feel enough self-induced guilt about this one that I do want to finish it, and the encouragement means a lot, so I am going to try.
rina_yukina: gokurina_yukina on November 30th, 2013 07:52 am (UTC)
This whole fic was brilliant! I hope you continue it soon, don't give up!:)
demoerin: Feeeeed medemoerin on November 30th, 2013 12:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much, that's a wonderful compliment. I'll do my best (though probably after the holidays, since I've signed up for a lot of fic exchanges).
rina_yukina: gokurina_yukina on November 30th, 2013 03:53 pm (UTC)
No, thank YOU for taking the time to write and share your fic with those of us with no writing skillz~

Not to worry!~ Take your time~ :D